Ubongia! Haulafia! Kia ora! Halo!

Welcome. I am Irene Karongo Hundleby, a music lover, musician, ethnomusicologist.

These pages offer some of my musings on music, people and cultures. Here you will find details of research projects, experiences, presentations and I’ll probably tell a few stories along the way.

I am a bicultural (Solomon Island-New Zealand) ethnomusicologist. My Ph.D. thesis Kwaimani Ana Liohaua Gia (The Heart of Us) focused on women’s music in my home area of Lau-Mbaelelea, Malaita, Solomon Islands.

You may find my openness and discussion of family, personal background, thinking, and expression of emotion stretches you a little outside of your comfort zone. However, the informal nature of many pages within this site is intentional. This is the kind of stretching that can help us understand more about indigeneity and ‘other’ expressions of being. My openness is a reflection of my indigeneity, Solomon-ness, Malaita-ness, or as one sister likes to say ‘Lau-tastic’ values.

If you wish to ask questions or talk with me more, feel free to contact me via my academia.edu or linkedin profiles.

I am also the Solomon Islands – Liasion Officer for the International Council of Traditional Music. If you have any queries about researching in Solomon Islands, or you want to let me know about Solomon Island music events or happenings, please feel free to contact me.